Letter of Abul al-Junayd to Yahya ibn Muadh of Rayy

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May you not be absent from Him who sees you by the barrier of yourself, and may that barrier not prevent Him from seeing you!

May you not change when Allah translates you from your present state, and may your state remain essentially constant when Allah translates you form your normal self!

May you not be far removed from the true perception of Allah’s revelation to you and may Allah’s revelation to you not be far removed by the absence of revelation to you!

May you continue in timelessness to apprehend timelessness when you too are in your eternal state. May the Eternal always be your support for that of you which persists eternally!

Thus, then, you are in your pristine state, in the state before you had existence, in union with Allah but separate, and in that unity supported by Allah with no witness to see you.

May you not lose your spiritual individuality when you are absent from your temporal individuality as a result of the unknown when you are absent! In this state “where?” has no special significance since the concept of whereness is meaningless for the omnipresent. If we say Allah destroys whereness the destruction is itself destroyed in the eternity implicit in Allah, who brings all things to an end.

The union of that which has been separated and the separation of that which was in union with Him, are both ideas of Separation implicit in perfect union with Allah. Thus it is that union takes place through itself and for itself. It is union with Allah which Allah has made.