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الشيخ محمد المدني

الشيخ محمد المدني

In the name of Allah the Great Merciful,
And prayers and peace on the messenger sent as a mercy to the world,

Peace and mercy of God,
We received this question where the questioner says: “It comes in some of your venerated articles “ Sheikhs (Scientists) are the heirs of the prophets, peace and blessings be upon them, in their sayings, acts and spirituality and the hadith indicates that: “the scientists are the heirs of the prophets,”

Do you have a reference supporting that, because the aforementioned hadith does not report that : their sayings, their spirituality and their actions? So, please support these proposals with what is true in the Koran and the Sunnah?

The answer:

Thank you brother concerning your request what was already reported in the book relatove to Handhalah hadeeth’s, by Sheikh Muhammad al-Madani. The answer is, God bless :

The author, Sheikh Sidi Mohamed Al-Madani, means that the sheikhs (Scientists) that are known for their knowledge and that are qualified to communicate this spiritual science, are the “heirs of the prophets”, in understanding and communicating the sayings, deeds and spiritual excellency of the prophets, that means they are the people qualified to perform such distinguishable communication.
The Almighty said: “And the one who has brought knowledge to you from your Lord will see the truth” (Saba verse 6)

And the degrees of these scientists, my brother, are known only to God: “God will lift up those who have believed from you and those who have taught knowledge degrees.” (Al-Mujadadal Verse 11)

And He made for them in their chest of the statement what He only knows “rather, it is clear signs in the chests of those who gave knowledge” (Al-Ankabut 49)

Then upon mentioning the Shahada (the credible witness), the Most Majestic placed the Cheikhs (scientists) in the third position after him and after the angels. Allah says : “God testified that there is no god but He and the angels, scientists in the form of installments, there is no god but God Almighty” (Al ‘Imrân 18) .

These evidences confirm that Cheikhs (Scientists) are inheritors of prophets according to the degree allowed by God Almighty.

God knows.

May God help us and you.
Fouquara Tarika Madaniyya.

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