The plight may be transformed into “a grant”

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In the Name of God, the Infinitely Good, the All-Merciful.

May His prayer and Blessings be on the “the healing of hearts” (the prophet), the key to the mysteries and on his companions and family.

During this divine plight that has touched the whole world, for a reason (hikma) that only Allah knows, the zawiya madaniyya is honored to accompany you throughout these difficult days, so that the plight may be transformed into “a grant”, that this period become a spiritual retreat to invoke Allah and to know Him through the meditation of the Majesty of His Kingship and the Power of His (Jabarūt).

We will give you some advices, statutes and invocations to help each other overcome this difficult ordeal. We warmly thank you for your fidelity to our page, for your inspiration of its advices, invocations and contents so that the Zawiya madaniyya may always be in the hearts of its faithful, present by the council, the guidelines and the invocations. It is the Believer’s duty to his brother. “Except they that believe and do good works, and exhort one another unto truth and unto patience.”[103 :3]. We implore Allah to guide us to fulfill this duty of brotherhood of faith, to grant us His meekness and agreement, that He may preserve our country, the countries of the Muslims, and all humanity, that He may be nice with our children, He is certainly all-hearing, all-knowing!.

Server of Madaniyya Path.
Muhammad al-Munawwar al-Madani.
17th of March 2020

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