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1- Our way is to gather once a week at least to study theology, practice dhikr (invocation), and go on in our love of Allah and His Messenger, sallā Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. Our references go from Al-Junayd’s pieces, to al-Ghazalī’s, Ibn ‘Arabī’s, Ibn al-Fāridh’s, Abū Madyan al-Ghawth’s, al-‘Alaoui’s and Sheikh sidi al-Madani’s.

2- Our humble goal is to help interested people in their linving close to God (qurbā), important koranic concept. Authentic and lively, this spirituality develops itself intrinsically with our era, because everything belongs to Allah.

3- Our way is founded on the spiritual action of nafs (ego, soul) in order to purify intern evils. It is also founded on the deepened study of Koran and Sunna. Disciples ought to concisely observe the sharia’s precepts, as no Truth is reachable in spite of the sincere respect of its the rules of sharia. It is thus not a way of baraka, neither of laxity, but rather a way of education and of daily spiritual action.

4- Our aspiration is to live in the pure Muslim tasawwuf way, far from derives, exaggerations and excesses. According to our Sheikh, the tasawwuf is nothing but the third pillar of Islam, called Ihsan (excellency). Thus, our Sufi practices (invocations, studies, …) aim to strengthen our faith, to sincerely worship Allah, and to know Him through the love of His Prophet, sallā Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam.

5- Our weekly and annually meetings (for the Propeht’s birth) enable to exhort disciples to accomplish their religious duties, to strengthen love between the worshiping and to revive the Eternity of the divine Word.

6- Besides our spiritual engagement, we want to spread a moderated Islam, part of a societal vision, founded on respect and the understanding of values and laws of each State.

7- Under the direction of our current Sheikh, Mohammed al-Mounawwar al-Madani (born in 1937), we are all attached to the Madaniyya way. Our Sheikh received a written ijaza (authorization) from his father, Sheikh sidi Mohammed al-Madami (1888-1959), emblematic figure of Sufism during the early 19th century. The latter received his own formation from the Great Mosque of Zaytouna where he met Sheikh al-Alaoui (dead in 1934).

8- This website is the only official one of the Madaniyya way. It is our organ of communication, of transmission and of contact with all our brothers and sisters who want to help us in spreading the Love of Islam, of Knowledge, and Peace.

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