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In classical arabic the term “wird” means the arrival at water to quench one’s thirst. It means also the watering place and the quantity of water quenching the passersby.By semantic extension,this term means the portion of the coran (or other invocations) that one’s may intend from the duty of lecture. Becoming technical,this term designates, also the whole sourates, of litanies and ritual pactices that the plodder intends the duty to fulfill regularly. This practice refers essentially to the coran that urges the faithful to invoke Allāh (subhānahu wa-ta‘ālā) continuously and generously. It refers equally to the sayings of (Sayyidunā Muhammad)who urges his companions to repeat a certain”dikr” hundred times.We may content ourselves with this “hadith” reported by al-Buhārī:

« whoever says : « lā ilāha illā Allāh wahdahu lācharīka lahu, lahu -l-mulku wa-lahu al-hamdu wa-huwa ‘alā kulli chay’in qadīr » [ there’s no god but allah ! he’s whithout a like and whithout an associate ! for him sovereignty! for him the praise ! he has control on everything !] repeating it one hundred times a day gets the equivalent reward of liberating ten slaves.

In addition, a hundred well behaved actions he will be attributed and hundred injurious ones will disappear, and he will be protected from satan during the whole day till evening, nobody will be better only if one makes more.

In every period, the pious have set some wird-s in order to help disciples progress on the way of knowing allah (subhānahu wa-ta‘ālā)
among those we would mention Sīrīn,Sa‘d Ibn Ali al-Zanjānī, al-Imām al-Nawawī etc…

As for Sayyidī Muhammad al-Madanī
(rahimahu Allāh),he mends his disciples the recitation of sourate “al-Wāqi‘a” a prayer for Sayyidunā Muhammad (Sallā Allāhu ‘alayhi wa-sallam)
as well as for Kursī, al-ihlās, al-falaq and al-nās. Adding a hundred times to these coranic exracts :

of “istigfār”, a hundred times lā ilāha illā Allāh wahdahu lā
charīka lahu, lahu -l-mulku wa-lahu al-hamdu wa-huwa
‘alā kulli chay’in qadīr, a hundred times the prayer for
Sayyidunā Muhammad (Sallā Allāhu ‘alayhi wa-sallam),
a hundred times yā latīf,a hundred times yā wahhāb, and hundred times
lā ilāha illā Allāh al-maliku al-Haqqu al-Mubīn.

These invocations are nothing but a stream where we would dive to quench
our thirst, purify our hearts and reinforce our will in order to be aware
of our status of ‘ubūdiyya.

« Invoke me, i will invoke you » ( the cow 152).

You can download the invocations (thiker) Below:

Ziker Madani (al-Wird)

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