O Muhammad, O our Prophet

O Muhammad, O our Prophet

يا محمد يا نبينا الشيخ محمد المدني

يا محمد يا نبينا الشيخ محمد المدني

O Muhammad, O our Prophet, O Imām of the messengers

Be my intercessor, O my Imām, O intercessor of the sinners.

O Messenger of Allah, we joyfully benefit from your supreme safeguard

We hope on your part, when we reach (until you on the day of the resurrection), the granting of compassion towards the Believers.

Compassion on the Day of Resurrection, and intercession in the people of sins

You have sent my Imam, Mercy to the worlds

Give your Compassion to my heart and remove from me what is other than you.

Behold, I am the servant, accept me, as servant of the believers.

The servant of the Law who guides us, his light is clear for creation

Shining on the servants, and distinguishable for admires

O manifest light, I am only a simple servant,

A trusted helper for you, among sincere men.

My belongs to love is enough, and the faith of the heart will heal.

So give me kindness, and enter me among the gifted with excellence.

So help me my love, and protect me from the fiery heat.

Ô Muhammad be my doctor and love is enough for me

My Prayer and my Salvation of Peace, are addressed to the chosen At-Tihāmī,

Muhammad, the best of creatures, and all Messengers.

1) Yā Muḥammad yā Nabīnā Yā Imāmi l-mursalīnā
2) Kun šafī‘ī yā Imāmī yā šafī‘i l-mudhnibīnā
3) Yā Rasūla-Allahi innā bi-himāka-l-‘ālī ludhnā
4) Narjū minka lammā ji’nā ‘atfatan li-lmu’minīnā
5) Fa-‘tifan yawma l-qiyāmi wa-šfa‘ fī ahli l-athāmi
6) Qad bu‘ithta yā Imāmī rahmatan li-‘ālamīna
7) Fa-rhami-l-fu’āda minnī watwi man siwāka ‘annī
8) hā anā-l-‘abdu fa-qbilnī khādiman lil-mu’minīna
9) khādiman li-šar‘i-l-hādī nūruhu li-l-khalqi bādī
10) Mušriqun ‘alā l-`ibādi wādihun li-n-nāzirīnā
11) ayyuhā n-nūru l-mubīnu innanī ‘abdun akūnu
12) nāsirun laka amīnu min rijālin mukhliṣīnā
13) nisbatī lil-hubbi takfī wa imānu l-qalbi yašfī
14) fa-amuddanī bi-l-‘atfi wa dkhilnī fīl- muhsinīna
15) fa-aġithnī yā Habībī wa ajirnī min lahībi
16) yā Muḥammad kun Ṭabībī wa-l- mahabbatu takfīnā
17) wa salātī wa salāmī ‘alā l-Mustafā t-Tihāmī
18) Muhammad khayri-l-anāmi wa jamī‘i mursalīnā

The moral qualities of Sidi Mohamed Al-Madani

The moral qualities of Sidi Mohamed Al-Madani

الشيخ محمد المدني

الشيخ محمد المدني

The moral qualities of Sidi Mohamed Al-Madani, may God be pleased with him, are what unanimously confirm his nobility and luxury, at the same time, his contemporaries and his lovers, who are the large majority and minority of his opponents. He astounds them by the essence of his high morals and his precious qualities, so they recognized him with the excellency and professorship.

What is taken from the reports of the lovers and the consensus of the contemporaries is that the man was in the highest degrees of generosity and charity, and he has more than thirty people who harbor and enrich them, and he does not ask them a fees or thanks except to observe the religion rituals and preserve the principles of faith, Islam and excellence.

As for the streets of the village of Qusayba al-Midyouni, the sheikh was highly respected, revered by the public and appreciated his knowledge even if they did not agree with him. As an illustration, those who are afflicted with smoking, throw their cigarettes when they across him or even see him from faraway. Whoever plays “cards” on the side of the road would hide it in honor of his prestige and his huge presence.

He can hardly speak in front of him except with goodness and fineness, and no one will ever dare to hindering him. Lovers and the common people attend and listen to his venerated lectures in ultimate respect: listening ears, conscious hearts, and the hearts fused by pure love.

Among the distinguishable qualities of Sidi Mohamed Al-Madani

Among the distinguishable qualities of Sidi Mohamed Al-Madani

الشيخ محمد المدني

الشيخ محمد المدني

Among the distinguishable qualities (shilling) of Sidi Mohamed Al-Madani, may God bless him, a sweet flame that fills the atmosphere and overflows the reality.

The eyes hardly rest when you across his illuminated face, and can’t be fully fixed on his powerful and captivating look.

Its face is bright red, it is adorned with a thick beard, white as bright light, and dotted with lit of a white hair as gorgeous light.

Face rotation is accomplished by a white turban. He learned to his disciples that “turbans are the crowns of the Arabs.”

His looks are clever, sharp, warm, and serene. A calm smile embellished with majesty and light, may God be pleased with him in the paradise.

February 22, 2020

The scientists are the heirs of the prophets

The scientists are the heirs of the prophets

الشيخ محمد المدني

الشيخ محمد المدني

In the name of Allah the Great Merciful,
And prayers and peace on the messenger sent as a mercy to the world,

Peace and mercy of God,
We received this question where the questioner says: “It comes in some of your venerated articles “ Sheikhs (Scientists) are the heirs of the prophets, peace and blessings be upon them, in their sayings, acts and spirituality and the hadith indicates that: “the scientists are the heirs of the prophets,”

Do you have a reference supporting that, because the aforementioned hadith does not report that : their sayings, their spirituality and their actions? So, please support these proposals with what is true in the Koran and the Sunnah?

The answer:

Thank you brother concerning your request what was already reported in the book relatove to Handhalah hadeeth’s, by Sheikh Muhammad al-Madani. The answer is, God bless :

The author, Sheikh Sidi Mohamed Al-Madani, means that the sheikhs (Scientists) that are known for their knowledge and that are qualified to communicate this spiritual science, are the “heirs of the prophets”, in understanding and communicating the sayings, deeds and spiritual excellency of the prophets, that means they are the people qualified to perform such distinguishable communication.
The Almighty said: “And the one who has brought knowledge to you from your Lord will see the truth” (Saba verse 6)

And the degrees of these scientists, my brother, are known only to God: “God will lift up those who have believed from you and those who have taught knowledge degrees.” (Al-Mujadadal Verse 11)

And He made for them in their chest of the statement what He only knows “rather, it is clear signs in the chests of those who gave knowledge” (Al-Ankabut 49)

Then upon mentioning the Shahada (the credible witness), the Most Majestic placed the Cheikhs (scientists) in the third position after him and after the angels. Allah says : “God testified that there is no god but He and the angels, scientists in the form of installments, there is no god but God Almighty” (Al ‘Imrân 18) .

These evidences confirm that Cheikhs (Scientists) are inheritors of prophets according to the degree allowed by God Almighty.

God knows.

May God help us and you.
Fouquara Tarika Madaniyya.

You, the All-Kind with creatures!

You, the All-Kind with creatures!

This poem was composed during the Second World War (1939-1945). When Sheikh Muhammad al-Madani was affected. He headed for Allah, asking Him kindness, generosity, and mercy.

1 – You, the All-Kind with creatures! O Generous! O Benevolent !

2 – You, Giver of all gifts! Other than You, I have no purpose.

3 – Certainly I am a sinner, O indulgent with people !

4 – Grant me, O Master, Your Forgiveness, tomorrow, in the encounter (afterlife).

5 – This world (life During the hardship) is distresses trials, tumult and heartache.

6 – My Lord! Make my inclination conform to the Law of Well-Guided (the prophet (PBUH)).

7 – In these days terrible events look like big waves and mountains !

8 – Creation became victims of resentment and hatred !

9 – My Master! Distract all evil, all corruption from us, O lord.

10 – Preserve Your faithful parish from disbelief and stubbornness.

11 – My Lord! Fulfill my hopes; Protect all your servants.

12 – By the high standing of the best of creation (the prophet (PBUH)) , our Intercessor on the Day of Promise.

13 – Muhammad, Sun of guidance, His family and noble companions !

14 – My wish is that my Lord’s prayer be on him!, The guide of people.

15 – Whenever my hands, in need, reach for Your Largesse…

16 – Answer my request, so that my hopes may be fulfilled!

Yā laṭīfan bi-l-barāyā

1. Yā laṭīfan bi-l-barāyā * yā Karīm yā Jawād

2. Yā mufīḍhan li-l-ʿaṭāyā * mālī ġayruk murād

3. Innanī ʿabdu al-khaṭāyā * yā raʾūfan bi-l-ʿibād

4. Faʿfu ʿannī yā Mawlāya * fī ġadin yawma -l-maʿād

5. Haḏhi d-dunyā balāyā * fitanun tudmī l-fuʾād

6. Fa-ǧʿal yā Rabbī hawāya * tabaʿan li-šarʿi l-Hād

7. Qad badā l-yawma qaḍāyā * ka-l-amwāj wa l-aṭwād

8. Aṣbaḥa l-khalqu ḍaḥāyā * l-il-aġhrāḍi wal-aḥqād

9. Fa-ṣrif ʿannā yā Mawlāya * kulla šarrin wa fasād

10. Wa-ḥfaẓ hātihi r-raʿāyā * mina l-kufri wa-l-ʿinād

11. Wa ḥaqqiq Rabbī rajāya * wa-iḥfaẓ ǧamīʿa l-ʿibād

12. Biǧāhi Khayri -l-Barāyā * Šafīʿī yawma l-maʿād

13. Muḥammadin šamsi l-hidāya * Wa-ṣ-ṣaḥbi l-amǧād

14. Salātu Rabbī Munāya * ʿalayhi Hādī l-ʿibād

15. Mā amtaddat laka yadāya * muḍhṭarran ilā l-imdād

16. Fa-staǧib lī duʿāya * ḥattā yatimma l-murād