The moral qualities of Sidi Mohamed Al-Madani

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الشيخ محمد المدني

الشيخ محمد المدني

The moral qualities of Sidi Mohamed Al-Madani, may God be pleased with him, are what unanimously confirm his nobility and luxury, at the same time, his contemporaries and his lovers, who are the large majority and minority of his opponents. He astounds them by the essence of his high morals and his precious qualities, so they recognized him with the excellency and professorship.

What is taken from the reports of the lovers and the consensus of the contemporaries is that the man was in the highest degrees of generosity and charity, and he has more than thirty people who harbor and enrich them, and he does not ask them a fees or thanks except to observe the religion rituals and preserve the principles of faith, Islam and excellence.

As for the streets of the village of Qusayba al-Midyouni, the sheikh was highly respected, revered by the public and appreciated his knowledge even if they did not agree with him. As an illustration, those who are afflicted with smoking, throw their cigarettes when they across him or even see him from faraway. Whoever plays “cards” on the side of the road would hide it in honor of his prestige and his huge presence.

He can hardly speak in front of him except with goodness and fineness, and no one will ever dare to hindering him. Lovers and the common people attend and listen to his venerated lectures in ultimate respect: listening ears, conscious hearts, and the hearts fused by pure love.