The Name of Allah “the All-Kind” (Al-Latīf)

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Cheikh Soufi Mohammed al-Mounawer al-Madani

Cheikh Soufi Mohammed al-Mounawer al-Madani

In the Name of God, the Infinitely Good, the All-Merciful.

May His prayer and blessings be upon the perfect man, and upon his kind Companions and Family.

May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah the Almighty be upon you (As-Salam alaykom wa Rahmatu Allah ta’ala wa barakatuh:

Dear Sisters, Dear Brothers,

Among the commendable good deeds in this period of crisis is the possibility of invoking, in abundance, the Name of Allah “the All-Kind” (Al-Latīf), in accordance with the divine recommendation quoted in the following verse :

Say: «Invoke God (Allah) or invoke the Infinitely-Good (ar-Rahman), whichever ye invoke, His are the names most Beautiful And [pray unto Him; yet] be not too loud in thy prayer nor speak it in too low a voice, but follow a way in-between;». (Surah 17, The Nocturnal Journey (“Al-Isra”), verse 110).

For this reason, I pray the faithful, the disciples and the friends of us to dedicate a moment, every day, to invoke in abundance the name of Allah “the All-Kind” (without limit of number).

One could make these invocations “Dikhr” by praying “Du’ā” so that Allah may lighten this “decree”, to preserve us and lift the distress for all humanity, the creation of Allah the Almighty, and the manifestation of His attributes and Majesty.

This dhikr is known in the Tariqua (brotherhood) as «Hizb Al-Latif».

It is thus recommended, for those who wish, to begin with the following verses :

1- Their sight overtaketh Him not, but He overtaketh their sight and He is the All-Pervading-All-Prevailing, the Infinitely Aware. (Surah 6, Cattle (Al An’am), verse – 103).

2- Surely, my Lord does what He wills kindly. Surely, He is the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.” (Surah 12, Joseph (Yusuf), verse 100).

3- Did you not see that Allah has sent down water from the sky, whereby the land becomes green? Surely, Allah is All-Kind, All-Aware. (Surah 22, The Pilgrimage (Al Hajj); verse 63).

4- (Luqmān went on saying to his son,) “My dear son, in fact, if there be anything to the measure of a grain of rye, and it be (hidden) in a rock or in the heavens or in the earth, Allah will bring it forth. Surely, Allah is All-Fine, All-Aware. (Surah 31, Luqman, verse 16).

5- And be mindful of Allah’s verses and the wisdom that is recited in your homes. Surely, Allah is All-Kind, All-Aware. (Sourate 33, Les factions (Al-Ahzab), verset 34).

6- Allah is kind to His servants. He gives provision to whom He wills, and He is the Strong, the Mighty. (Surah 42, Concertation (Al Shoura), verse 19).

7- Shall He not know, who created? And He is the All-kind, the All-aware. (Surah 67, Royalty (Al-Mulk), verse 14).

May Allah please and accept your good deeds and ours.

Server of Madaniyya Path.
Muhammad al-Munawwar al-Madani.
Ksibet Al Madyouni
19th of mars 2020.

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