The Supreme Name.

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The Supreme Name.

The Supreme Name.

1- [Cheikh Ahmad al-‘Alāwī] then taught me the Supreme name : Allah.

2- He authorized me to invoke it in a specific manner after taking me into a spiritual retreat (Khulwa). I invoked it in accordance with his indications by uttering, in length, the name of Allah while closing the eyes and having the two ablutions. I first imagined each of the letters on the leaflets of the atmosphere [as floating on the air] whilst magnifying it; [the Name of Allah], until it appeared written on the leaflet of all created existence.

3- [Cheikh Ahmad al-‘Alāwī], may Allah be pleased with him, then represented to me the sphere of the world, that is, anything other than Allah, the Throne and what it contains. He allowed me to invoke the Supreme Name with a strong will, a great determination until this sphere became, in my eyes, reduced to a single point. It became limited or rather erased, as would be a wave in a rough sea. The branch had resorbed in the root; the part returned to the All. ‘’Indeed It is to Allah that all things return’’.

4- However, Allah quickly opened the eyes of my heart. And my invocations were short-lived. I acquired the ‘’obvious opening’’ (fath mubīn) due to the blessings of my Master (al al-‘Alāwī) may Allah bless him. All my praise be to Allah.

Burhān al-Dākirīn (Evidence of Invokers)