You, the All-Kind with creatures!

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This poem was composed during the Second World War (1939-1945). When Sheikh Muhammad al-Madani was affected. He headed for Allah, asking Him kindness, generosity, and mercy.

1 – You, the All-Kind with creatures! O Generous! O Benevolent !

2 – You, Giver of all gifts! Other than You, I have no purpose.

3 – Certainly I am a sinner, O indulgent with people !

4 – Grant me, O Master, Your Forgiveness, tomorrow, in the encounter (afterlife).

5 – This world (life During the hardship) is distresses trials, tumult and heartache.

6 – My Lord! Make my inclination conform to the Law of Well-Guided (the prophet (PBUH)).

7 – In these days terrible events look like big waves and mountains !

8 – Creation became victims of resentment and hatred !

9 – My Master! Distract all evil, all corruption from us, O lord.

10 – Preserve Your faithful parish from disbelief and stubbornness.

11 – My Lord! Fulfill my hopes; Protect all your servants.

12 – By the high standing of the best of creation (the prophet (PBUH)) , our Intercessor on the Day of Promise.

13 – Muhammad, Sun of guidance, His family and noble companions !

14 – My wish is that my Lord’s prayer be on him!, The guide of people.

15 – Whenever my hands, in need, reach for Your Largesse…

16 – Answer my request, so that my hopes may be fulfilled!

Yā laṭīfan bi-l-barāyā

1. Yā laṭīfan bi-l-barāyā * yā Karīm yā Jawād

2. Yā mufīḍhan li-l-ʿaṭāyā * mālī ġayruk murād

3. Innanī ʿabdu al-khaṭāyā * yā raʾūfan bi-l-ʿibād

4. Faʿfu ʿannī yā Mawlāya * fī ġadin yawma -l-maʿād

5. Haḏhi d-dunyā balāyā * fitanun tudmī l-fuʾād

6. Fa-ǧʿal yā Rabbī hawāya * tabaʿan li-šarʿi l-Hād

7. Qad badā l-yawma qaḍāyā * ka-l-amwāj wa l-aṭwād

8. Aṣbaḥa l-khalqu ḍaḥāyā * l-il-aġhrāḍi wal-aḥqād

9. Fa-ṣrif ʿannā yā Mawlāya * kulla šarrin wa fasād

10. Wa-ḥfaẓ hātihi r-raʿāyā * mina l-kufri wa-l-ʿinād

11. Wa ḥaqqiq Rabbī rajāya * wa-iḥfaẓ ǧamīʿa l-ʿibād

12. Biǧāhi Khayri -l-Barāyā * Šafīʿī yawma l-maʿād

13. Muḥammadin šamsi l-hidāya * Wa-ṣ-ṣaḥbi l-amǧād

14. Salātu Rabbī Munāya * ʿalayhi Hādī l-ʿibād

15. Mā amtaddat laka yadāya * muḍhṭarran ilā l-imdād

16. Fa-staǧib lī duʿāya * ḥattā yatimma l-murād

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