1. Religion :

Religion is defined as the complete submission of the servant to his Lord in his “outside” and it is al-Islām (the Trustful Surrender); in his “interior”, and this is al-Imān (Faith); in his “secret”, and this is al-Ihsān (Excellence).

2. Presence :

To be continuously present with Allāh, is one of the obligations of religion and submission to Allah the Exalted be He, indeed whoever obeys Him with His members, observes His orders and does not transgress His prohibitions is the true Muslim. Whoever submits with his heart and finds peace in the faith in Allah and what the Prophet, peace be upon him, has transmitted is the true believer. The one who is present with his Adore is Muhsin (excellent) [1].

3. Waiver

To renounce the delights of the world below, to devote oneself to Allāh and to devote one’s life to one’s adoration without damaging it or injuring the rights of others, are laudable virtues.

4. Asceticism

The true asceticism is that of the heart and not that of the hand. The one who believes that the pleasure of licit goods is an ephemeral pleasure and renounces it to devote himself to eternal delight is a man of great dignity. The one who enjoys the benefits by thinking that it is a divine grace and thus conforming to the verse: “Eat what God has granted you of lawful and good [2]” is better, if remaining in godly fear.
Therefore, Allah closes this verse by saying: “Fear God, since you believe in Him” [3].

5. Two moments
The state of presence with Allāh that you desire can not last: on the contrary, [the Way] is an instant of presence, and another instant of absence. So you must not regret or be sad if the distraction takes you, because this (regret and sadness) generates a [second distraction] in relation to the level in which Allāh attributed to you.

6. Submission

It is better to devote oneself entirely to the will of Allāh, as it is nobler to be present with the Unique who chooses [what He wants], Exalted be He.

7. Hearts

Know that hearts are in the hands of Allāh. He turns them as He wants. He directs them to the presence and the goodness if He wills. He misleads them from the good way if He wills.
“Allāh misleads who He wills, And He directs who He wills.” [4]

8. Presence

The True, Exalted be He, grants to some the level of presence with Him. We see them well anchored. No reality other than Allah is going through their minds. If the desire to get in heaven or the fear of hell crosses their minds, it is only an inspiration of the All-Merciful, required by the precepts of the Law.

9. The Guides

The Guides have an astonishing influence on the inner resources of their followers. They raise them from the baseness of sin to the greatness of submission, then to the Supreme Companion [5] and presence with the Adored, Exalted be He.

10. Perseverance

The essential thing is to persevere in love so that the end is beautiful, if Allāh wants it.

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