Visit the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم

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Visit of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم

Visit of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم

Visit of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم

Visit of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم

1. If you intend to visit the Prophet, on him blessings and salvation, you must complete the farewell tour around the Old Home (Kaaba). Drink then from Zamzam water, then head to the grave of the Elu, exclusively, and not to those of other Companions. Don’t associate anyone else with your intention to visit because all of them just follow him. It is the main purpose [of this visit]. Isn’t it the river of mercy offered to creatures? “We sent you only as a mercy for the universes“. [Al-Anbiyā’: 107].

2. Purify your intention and determination and direct yourself to the Master of the Umma (nation). What grace has Allah honored you! What a blessing that Allah has given you! This mission must be accomplished with the best behavior and veneration, while pronouncing prayers and blessings on him, with a heart purified of any blameworthy attribute, a pure body, having both ablutions: the large and the small. As for the purity of the clothes and body, it goes without saying. You must perfume and wear the best clothes: “The clothes of reverential fear are even better” (Al-A’rāf: 26), renewing repentance towards the Lord of the Lords. You must feel happy, satisfied with what the Generous King has granted you, honored to visit the Prophet,

3. On his way, the visitor must recite in abundance prayers and blessings on the Prophet, the blessings and the blessings of the Prophets and the blessings on the Prophet are honored. He has to make a takbīr (Allah the greatest) on every hill [crossed].

4. O visitor! When you return to the Prophet’s mausoleum. Stand in front of his blessed tomb, with a lot of quietness and submission, having in mind only its sacred presence, the Prophet on him blessings and salvation is alive in his grave, of a spiritual life. Stand in front of his blessed tomb, with a lot of quietness and submission, as if you were unrestrained in front of him, don’t get too close [out of respect]. You’ll start by greeting him. [Imam] Mālik said: “He [the visitor] must say: “on you peace, O Messenger of Allah, and His mercy and blessings“. Then he says: “May Allah pray on you, on your Brides, your Descendence and all your Family, as He prayed on Ibrāhīm, and on the Family of Ibrāhīm. May He bless you and bless your wives, your Descendence, your Family as he blessed Ibrāhim, his family in the universe, He is the Praise and the Glorious! You sent the Message, delivered the deposit; you loved Your Lord! You have made efforts in His path; You were sincere with his servants, while being patient, seeking God’s reward until death. May Allah pray upon you the best prayer, the most perfect, the most fragrant and the purest.

5. The visitor is asked to recite in abundance the invocations, to solicit the blessings and intercession of the master of creatures, who holds miracles.

6. He must implore Allah that He may give him a beautiful [the most beautiful] end, that of dying by pronouncing the word of faith and Islam, which is: “I attest that there are no deities outside Allah and that Muhammad is His Messenger, sent to all mankind. Include all Muslims in your invocations. Above all, do not forget us in the invocations of these perfumed gardens, during these precious moments. It is a place where invocations are fulfilled, where the intimate maintenance is delectable and tasty. And what a place! What a majesty!

7. Sheik Muhammad al-Madani

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