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Tariqua Madaniyya is connected with the Prophetic tradition through a transmission chain over fourteen centuries. In 1909, it was established in Tunisia by Sidi Mohammad al-Madani (1888-1959) who had got a robust theological education at the Mosque-University Zaytouna (Tunisia). After three years he spent with his Shaikh, Sidi Alaoui in Algeria, he returned to Tunisia and dedicated himself to his Tariqua’s followers for nearly 50 years. He left about fifteen works (books and notes) dealing with most of the religious sciences, the Moslem spirituality and the authentic Sufism. Since 1959, the Tariqua Madaniyya continues under the guidance of his successor, Sidi Mohammed al-Mounaouar al-Madani, who devoted his life to spreading the pure Sufism around the world. Due to its valuable teachings, to his infinite love for the Prophet (may the peace be upon him), to its robust knowledge of the Sharia, the Tariqua continues to shine in several countries of the world today.

  • The tariqa Madaniya

    11 October 2009

    Madaniya Tariqa is connected to the prophetic tradition through a net of transmissions of fourteen centuries, going through Junaid (from Bagdad school), Ibn Masarra and the school of Almeira (Spain), Abu Madyan (Spain/Morocco), Ibn Mashish and المزيد ...

  • Prophet’s beseeching

    28 September 2009, by Madani

    Today’s invocation shows --- with no doubt --- the need to blend into the heart of the Prophet (salla Allah ’alayhi wa sallam) to relive the sweet moments he has experienced in beseeching his Lord. We implore what he had himself prayed. That’s the المزيد ...

  • Al-Wird

    14 July 2009

    In classical arabic the term “wird” means the arrival at water to quench one’s thirst.It means also the watering place and the quantity of water quenching the passersby.By semantic extension,this term means the portion of the coran ( or other المزيد ...

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